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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh! Fashion Week, Fashion Week, Fashion Week........

I'm not sure how people do this every day for the entire 7 days. After three days, a total of 7 and a half hours, I was wiped. In such a good way. Despite my efforts of sweet-talking the security (
"but i'm an FIT student, doing a project, can't I stand in the back?"...i'm not an FIT student) no, I didn't see any shows (well, OK, I did, on the TV screen inside the tent), and although I didn't see many, if any, celebrities, the event and experience were both equally priceless. Who DID I see? Oh, you know, a few housewives.

Just walking up the stairs and into the tent is reason enough to be enthralled by fashion week. Did anyone else go? Did you see the outfits? My picture was taken countless times, and, it's like, are they doing it just to cover themselves in case I'm someone? I could have just saved them the trouble, but why not? I was even trampled at Fashion Night Out so that everyone could see Victoria Bekham, but I didn't care.

Back to walking in: crowds surround the steps up to the tent. Security guards are manning the front. Women walk in without showing any credentials (who are they? are they someone? or did they just look the part?) It was like getting into Bungalow 8 four years ago when I stayed out til all hours of the night (er, morning). Getting in is half the battle. Cue: press pass. Thank god.
Free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff? The McDonald's coffee and hot chocolate alone were enough a reason to go and stand inside the tent in my 4 and a half inch heels (oh, oh the blisters). If I drank, I would have been thrilled by the free booze. I saw men in heels, I saw the very large and very scary Andre Leon Talley, and a very nice man who didn't want his gift bag full of girlie things kindly gave it to me. I win!

Thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful and amazing Julia Allison for giving me this opportunity and experience!!

Also: Nothing will ever beat coming home to my beautiful little girl at the end of the day, Penny


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