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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

up late partying? if not, you should be.

first try dinner at Philippe (33 E 60)...or at least stand outside and down a hotdog from a vendor.

...or try Nello (696 Madison Ave.), where husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyonce recently dined (justjared)

....or, for an even more guaranteed celeb eatery, one of my favorites that seems to never fail: Da Silvano (260 Sixth Ave.)'s a fav. of Rihanna, Lindsay, Paris, Rachel Zoe, Nicky Hilton. You name it, they eat there.

Then, make your way over to the East Village.....

Want to see Pete Wentz? if you don't already know, Fall Out Boy is part owners of the East Village bar Angels & Kings. What you may not already know, is he also visits surrounding bars. Can't get in to AK47? Try the bar at 510 E 11th St. (gawker stalker)

p.s. Oprah, Gayle King and Alicia Keys were just seen at Philippe. (tmz) But it's not rare. It's a hot bed for celebs. I promise.

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