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Monday, August 31, 2009

Holly York tells you where to dine/party/shop in order to see celebs (or at least feel like one)

Sam Waterson of Law & Order fame, recently seen at a party at Gnocco (337 E 10th St.). Don't ask, we don't know why. (gawker)

Aubrey O'Day likes to shop at Owl's Lab (20 E 12th St.) (nypost)

Kevin Bacon likes to eat at Da Silvano (260 6th Ave.) (what did i tell you about this place!) (nypost)

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10:19 AM

Holly York tells you where to go to see some film action.

Law & Order: 20th St. between 10th and 11th ave.
30 Rock: Possibly at the Borders store on 57th and Park. If not, check Rockefeller Center
Gossip Girl: W 10th St. and 5th Ave.

Sex and the City 2 begins filming this week! Check back for locations!

All thanks to onlocationvacations!

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9:49 AM

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For the record, September 10th's Fashion Night Out will be crazy.

7:51 PM

TV listings for the week!

Letterman (tapes around 5:30pm; *Friday's show tapes on Monday at 7:00 pm)
Mon: Howie Mandel, Rumer Willis (tapes at 4:30)
Tues: Jeremy Piven, Black Crowes
Wed: Jason Bateman
Thurs: Billy Crystal, John Fogerty (tapes at 4:30)
Fri:* Neil Patrick Harris

Jimmy Fallon (tapes at Rockefeller Center)
Mon: Rachel Maddow, Tommy Davidson, Jet
Tues: Joan Allen, Rob Zombie, Michael Franti
Wed: John Leguizamo, Smokey Robinson
Thurs: Jason Bateman, Ashlee Simpson
Fri: Bob Costas, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Pet Shop Boys

Of Note: Whitney Houston will perform on Good Morning America this Wed. (Times Sq)
Journey will perform on the Early Show this Thurs. (Fifth Ave. and 59th St.)
Jason Bateman will be on Good Morning America this Thurs. (Times Sq.)


6:58 PM

Saturday, August 29, 2009

RIGHT NOW until 5pm: Spike Lee and Brooklyn present Michael Jackson tribute/birthday bash. Fort Greene park in Brooklyn

1:03 PM

Want to pay your respects to DJ AM? His apt and also where he passed: 210 Lafayette St

6:45 AM

Friday, August 28, 2009

anyone going to the twilight convention in NJ this weekend? email me, if so!

7:50 PM



7:46 PM

Forgot to mention that last post is thanks to

3:31 PM

holly york tells you where go to watch filmings:

Law & Order: Frederick Douglas Blvd & W 120th St.
Beautiful Life with Mischa Barton is at Murray St. & Greenwich St.
The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt is at Greenwich St. near Bethune and Jane
The Good Wife with Mr. Big Himself Chris Noth is in Long Island City near Jackson Ave. and 44th Dr.

Want to be casted in Ugly Betty? Click here for tomorrow's open casting call

2:16 PM

holly york tells you what to do tonight:

go to the opening of We Live In Public tonight (
it's at the IFC and Demi Moore has been raving about it. Sure to draw a sophisticated crowd because the directors will be there for Q&A

Want more of a guarantee? Definitely do this: The US Open Kick Off Event at Skyline Studios (465 10th Avenue) around 8pm. Celebs, galore. I promise.

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2:06 PM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

See britney right NOW! She's watching broadway's Shrek! 1681 Broadway between 52nd and 53rd st. (show ends at 10 pm) (olv)

9:43 PM

sorry for the late posting...hangovers are a bitch

pastis (9 9th ave) is a great place to celeb sight. i've personally seen lindsay lohan and now rachel bilson and hayden christensen were recently spotted. try going for wknd brunch (gawker)

FOR TONIGHT: you must, must must check out the Taste of Tennis event. All the great, amazing and hot tennis stars will be there. ALso: NY housewife, Bethenny Frankel. It'll be at the W on 49th and Lexington. go go go go go! Loads of celebs will undoubtedly show up.

filmings: if you're out and about in this beautiful weather tonight, try seeing if any of these filmings are still occuring:

Ugly Betty @ South End Ave. & Albany St.
Matt Damon & Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau @ Greenwich St. between Bethune and Jane
Law & Order @ Frederick Douglas Blvd. & 120th St.
Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston for The Bounty at Forest Ave. and Madison St. in Queens
Al Pacino in You Don't Know Jack @ Rockefeller Center

TOMORROW: Will be huge. The US Open Kick Off Event at Skyline Studios (465 10th Ave.). So many celebs. Who knew tennis was so trendy? Check back tomorrow for more info on that.

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5:13 PM

For the record, forgot b8 was closed on a Wed. Went to marquee. Filming sites and other celeb-worthy eateries and party places to be posted in about an hour.

3:41 PM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Got the "gotta have reservations" line. On the way to bungalow.

11:41 PM

At 1 oak. Doorman asked if I had rservtns. Nope. Duh. He said to hold up and waiting. So waiting I am.

11:38 PM

After the britney spears concert we are hitting up the celeb sweet spots. Check back tonight to see who we see.

7:48 PM

Brent Bolthouse (good friends with Jared Leto btw) will be partying at Greenhouse tonight

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5:10 PM

30 rock RIGHT now at tao on 58 between park and madison. Alec baldwin, tracy morgan are outside

1:48 PM


Gossip Girl: 9th ave near 15th & 16th St.

Ugly Betty should be around 7th and 8th ave, and 38th and 40th St.


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11:05 AM

We've got some tennis stars for you today! Rumor has it that Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams will be filming some sort of Nike promotion today near the flatiron building (175 5th Ave). They've already set up the net!

Last night, Maria Sharapova partied with Blake Lively at the Cooper Square Hotel (25 Cooper Sq) (justjared)

Hilary Duff spotted on the set of Gossip Girl. If she's still filming with them, i'll be putting up filming sites in the next post (justjared)

Kevin Federline is hanging around midtown, if anyone cares. (buzzfoto) (gawker)

Uma Thurman takes her kids to eat at City Bakery (3 W 18th St) (gawker)

We mentioned Cafe Gitane yesterday in regards to Sienna it's Michelle Williams (justjared)

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10:44 AM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just saw this on olv: Ugly Betty is filming today and tomorrow 8.26 on 23rd- 25th Sts between 6th Ave & Broadway, NYC, heard they might be at Madison Square

1:28 PM


okay: TODAY, the Beautiful Life with Mischa Barton will be filming near Kaufman Theater (United Artists Kaufman Theater) in Astoria (35th Ave between 37th & 38th St.)

Gossip Girl will be in Gramercy Park again today (olv)

White Collar with Tiffani Thiessen will be on Broadway between 104 and 105th. (olv)

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9:37 AM

good morning! Want good food and celeb sightings? Here ya go...

Gusto Ristorante (60 Greenwich Ave.) Who: Julia Stiles (gawker)

Cafe Gitane (242 Mott st.) Who: Sienna Miller (justjared)

Also: Where do celebs like to stay? The Bowery Hotel

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9:23 AM

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Britney Spears clues via her twitter (@britneyspears):

My sweet hiding spot is outdoors below 60th St. but no lower then (sic) 20th St.

My thoughts: Dylan's Candy Bar, Serendipity

Remember: You have to say "I Seek Britney" to the clown in order to receive the tix!

Let me know if you see her!


3:16 PM

Meet Rev. Run TONIGHT! He is signing copies of "Take Back Your Family" at Barnes & Noble (E 86th St.)

Want to be on The Amazing Race? They are holding a casting call today in Central Park at the Victorian Gardens


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1:40 PM

Britney's first clue! Where is she hiding? Again, if you find her today, she'll give you two front row tickets to one of her concerts. Her clue...

Let the games begin! My hiding spot is a guilty pleasure and I will be there at 6 PM....

I'm thinking....the pleasure chest? Who knows...

Follow her for more at

1:38 PM

Rihanna likes to party at M2 (530 W 28th St) (justjared)

Drew Barrymore likes the food at Gemma (355 Bowery) (justjared)

Mischa Barton works out daily at the Equinox in SoHo (gatecrasher)

more to come...

9:24 AM

This week, catch your favorite stars as they go into studio filmings

David Letterman (begins filming at 5:30; 53rd and broadway)
Monday: Anna Wintour (!), Mark Teixeira
Tuesday: Mary-Louis Parker, Eugene Levy, Jet
Wed: Anne Heche, Jim Parsons
Thurs: Andy Roddick
Friday: (Friday's episode is filmed on Monday): Artie Lange, Todd Barry, Imogen Heap

Also of note:
Nina Garcia will be on Good Morning America on Wed. morning, Martha Stewart will be on the Today show on Thursday, Miley Cyrus will be performing on the Today show this Friday

9:11 AM

filming sites in the city today! where to go to watch your fav celebs act it out.

Gossip Girl may be filming in Gramercy Park today

Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long will be filming at "Southpaw" in Park Slope, Brooklyn (125 Fifth Ave.)

The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is in Astoria today, at 14th st. and 31st ave.

White Collar with Tiffani Thiessen will be filming on Center Blvd. in Long Island City

The Good Wife with Chris Noth (Mr. Big!) is filming on John St. and Dutch St. in manhattan

thanks to onlocationvacation

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9:06 AM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Check back tomorrow morning for filming sites and tv schedules for the week so you can see your fav celebs!

9:23 PM

Although Lindsay Lohan is back in LA (her house was robbed last night) when she is in the city, she stays at the Bowery Hotel

9:21 PM

Britney Spears is hiding out in nyc with two front row tickets for her concert this week. Follow her on twitter @britneyspears for clues on how to find her

9:20 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anyone go to the I Heart Ronson party last night at JCPenny? (that i told you about!)

Everyone was there...including Hilary Duff, all three Ronsons, Mischa Barton.....etc.

Looking through pictures, though, where the hell was Lindsay?

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9:22 AM

filming locations!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler (who, by the way, were rumored kissing when cameras WERE NOT rolling) is filming 22nd st and 9th ave., as well as the Sleepy Hallow Country Club (? I don't know where that is)

For all you Chris Meloni fans out there, Law & Order is at St. Nicholas and 173rd-175th St.

Al Pecino is filming "You Don't Know Jack" at 106th and Park Ave.

Same old thing again at the Brooklyn Poly Prep school

...and....SEX AND THE CITY 2! It won't begin filming until September 2nd, but they'll be at 875 Third Ave.

Gotta love on location vacations

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9:10 AM

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Josh Madden's birthday party is tonight at The Penthouse at The Hotel on Rivington. I really don't know who will be there, but at least a D lister.

All three Ronson siblings, which, pretty sure that will include Lindsay: Tonight at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers Pier 61 (24th & 11th ave) for Charlotte Ronson's: JC Penny's I Heart Ronson Summer BBQ Bash

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6:36 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant spotted last night at Minetta Tavern (113 Macdougal St.) (gawker stalker)

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2:55 PM

On Location Vacation filming today for NYC

Eat, Pray, Love with James Franco, Julia Roberts, and Javier Bardem will be filming in the west village on West 4th St. between 7th and 6th ave.

The Bounty with Gerard Butler (hot!) and Jennifer Aniston is in Astoria at 14th st. and 31st avenue.

Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore is at 81st and Columbus

take pictures! email them to

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11:24 AM

The Scene Around NYC

Drew Barrymore wearing some questionable glasses and carrying a yoga mat (INF daily) (justjared)

Sienna Miller at the MoMa last night for the premier of The September Issue (buzz foto)

Renee Zellweger at the premier of "My One and Only" (nypost)

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9:26 AM

Want to see Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford tonight? They will both be at the Planet Hollywood Times Square for a screening of their new movie "Post Grad"1540 Broadway. Both stars WILL be there, as reported by OnLocationVacations, and the first 50 fans will get VIP seats for the screening!

Not sure if i've told you, but Living Room (154 Ludlow) is a pretty popular bar. Julia Stiles was there recently (but I promise, other celebs also visit!) (gawker stalker)

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9:12 AM

Quick morning tidbits: Lindsay Lohan and P.Diddy at Waverly Inn last night (not together) andf Paris Hilton may be engaged!

8:37 AM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Filmings for today:

Law & Order: Chambers St.

Jesse McCartney, Zoe Kravitz and Amy Sedaris, back at Brooklyn Poly Prep School in Bay Ridge (for Beware the Gonzo)

Drew Barrymore at 81st and Columbus (for Going the Distance)

(On Location Vacations)

10:35 AM

Sienna Miller caught shopping at Williams Sonoma in Soho yesterday (justjared)

Lindsay Lohan out with PC from NYC Prep? WHY!?!? (tmz)

Letterman's guests for today and tomorrow will be:
Mike Myers, Ken Burns (wednesday)
Renee Zellweger and Gary Mule Deer (Thursday)

Letterman usually begins filming at 5:30pm. Guests arrive earlier than that, obviously. You can catch a good view of guests arriving on 53rd between broadway and Eighth ave.

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10:22 AM

Lindsay Lohan was at 1 Oak last night. Was anyone there? E-mail me! She twittered, and I quote: "I heart One Oak"...told ya!

7:30 AM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

filming locations today! Thanks to On Location Vacations

Amanda Seyfried (filming Letters to Juliet) at 44th st. between 6th and Broadway

Jesse McCartney, Zoe Kravitz and Amy Sedaris are back at the Brooklyn Poly Prep School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (filming Beware the Gonzo)

Gossip Girl is back at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

James Franco, Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem are filming Eat, Pray, Love around Hudson St. and Jay St.

I'll let you know if I hear of anything else!

xoxo Holly

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10:05 AM

Some of my own personal recommendations to see celebs: Monkey Bar (60 E 54th St.) (if you can get in) and The Spotted Pig (314 W 11th St.), The Suffolk Bar (107 Suffolk St.) (Who? Blake Lively and Penn and Il Mulino (86 W 3rd St.) (Who? Chace Crawford -

Matt Dillon likes the pizza at Luzzo's (211 1st Ave.) (nypost)

Adrien Grenier was spotted at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, checking out the Brooklyn Brew Shop stand

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9:48 AM

spotted: last night, at The Standard Hotel (848 Washington St.), for the Inglorious Basterds afterparty: Lindsay Lohan, Quentin Tarantino, Diane Kruger, Agyness Deyn, among others.

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9:24 AM

Our favorite girl Lindsay Lohan is in the city!

Will update soon. Check back in an hour!


9:06 AM

Monday, August 17, 2009

Okay..FOOD time:

Eat here: Bar Pitti (268 Avenue of the Americas) Who: Jay-Z & Beyonce (justjared)

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10:08 AM

Happy Monday Morning, everyone! In order to cure anyone's lame 'case of the Mondays', here's all the filming sites you could ever want today. Thank OnLocationVacations for their stealthy finds.

Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, etc....Gossip Girl is filming at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Mischa Barton (filming for The Beautiful Life) is at Columbus Ave. near 104th St.

Jesse McCartney, Zoe Kravitz, and Amy Sedaris are filming Beware the Gonzo in Bay Ridge Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Poly Prep School

Drew Barrymore is filming for Going the Distance at the JFK Terminal 4

...If you go, e-mail me with your pictures, please!

I will have club/restaurant recommendations soon!

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9:53 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

well, since every celebrity is either in east hampton or L.A. right now, those who remain in the city are for work.

so today, want to see james franco, julia roberts, or javier bardem? they're all in Eat, Pray, Love which is filming on 43rd St. between 5th & 6th. It's pretty rare that things film on Sundays, so..go, go, go! take pictures! send them to me! ( (onlocationvacations)

another restaurant that celebs go? Balthazar. Also: Cafeteria

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8:26 AM

Friday, August 14, 2009

what did i tell you about Da Silvano?

....Jonathan Cheban wrote on his twitter page that he had dinner with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian at Da Silvano Thursday night. Did anyone go? (twitter)

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3:06 PM

Brad Pitt deserves a post of his own.

last night, brad pitt was spotted wining and dining at the chic restaurant Rouge Tomate (60th and 5th ave) (gawker stalker)

Also, word to the wise: Brad really likes to take his son to the Midtown restaurant Mars 2012 (1633 Broadway at 51st St.) This I just know from experience.

Check back as I try to figure out where Brangelina is hiding out for the duration of their stay.

10:04 AM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Real Housewives of NY's Bethany Frankel seemed to love eating at STK (26 Little West 12th St) last night, at least judging by her twitter.

Demi & Ashton conveniently seen eating supper at Supper (156 E 2nd St.) (gawker stalker)

The Olsen twins double dipping, oops, I mean double dating, eating at the Strip House (13 E 12th St.) and then drinking, lounging and.....tickling? at the Jane Hotel (113 Jane St.) (nypost)

And guys, I really want to stress the two clubs; 1 Oak and Greenhouse. Go there. Find a way in. Wait a bit. You should see someone.

filming sites to come soon...

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9:40 AM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

up late partying? if not, you should be.

first try dinner at Philippe (33 E 60)...or at least stand outside and down a hotdog from a vendor.

...or try Nello (696 Madison Ave.), where husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyonce recently dined (justjared)

....or, for an even more guaranteed celeb eatery, one of my favorites that seems to never fail: Da Silvano (260 Sixth Ave.)'s a fav. of Rihanna, Lindsay, Paris, Rachel Zoe, Nicky Hilton. You name it, they eat there.

Then, make your way over to the East Village.....

Want to see Pete Wentz? if you don't already know, Fall Out Boy is part owners of the East Village bar Angels & Kings. What you may not already know, is he also visits surrounding bars. Can't get in to AK47? Try the bar at 510 E 11th St. (gawker stalker)

p.s. Oprah, Gayle King and Alicia Keys were just seen at Philippe. (tmz) But it's not rare. It's a hot bed for celebs. I promise.

9:48 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eat here:

Earthen Oven-(53 W 7nd St.) Who: Cynthia Nixon
Rue 57-(60 W 57th St.) Who: Kate Hudson, A-Rod, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn
Hotel Griffou-(21 W 9th St.) Who: J-Lo

Drink here:

1 Oak-(453 W 17th St.) (Just trust me on this one)
Niagara Bar-(112 Avenue A) Who: Leighton Meester
Living Room-(154 Ludlow St.) Who: Julia Stiles

as told to Gawker Stalker

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10:02 AM

I recommend the following places to party if you want to see celebs: Tenjune, 1 Oak, Greenhouse, Anchor.

Just a thought for the day.

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9:59 AM

Do the celebs still go to Butter on Monday nights? What about B8 now that Amy Sacco is filming a show there? In two weeks I'll be stopping by those hot spots and others to see if the celebs are still pouring in. I know one thing for sure, Rob Pattinson was at the East Village bar "Black & White" within the past month. Sorry girls, he's no longer in NYC. But when he comes back, you'll know where to find him! (86 E 10th St)

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9:50 AM

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Wednesday Fun Nugget Day!

Am I the only one who misses Lindsay, Paris & Nicole doing inane things? I know, it was so 2005, but my god it was so fun. I went to Bungalow 8 and it was 5a.m., and as I'm walking in, Paris Hilton was walking out. I was so tired and withdrawn I barely noticed...until...she turned around, faced Lindsay and yelled "FIRECROTCH!"

Those were the days. None of the good stuff happens anymore. Does anyone still go to B8 either?

The only thing that keeps me hanging on is when lindsay was sobbing on sam's stoop in an all jealous rage. love it!

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7:42 PM